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hi, everyone. i'm tamron hall. following oscar pistorius out of jail. he detailed the evidence in the case and pointed out missteps by the police, a south african magistrate made the dramatic announcement offering pistorius release on bail. >> i come to the conclusion that the accused has made a case to be released on bail. >> yes! >> you heard the reaction from someone in the audience there. pistorius's bail set at more than $112,000. conditions of the bail include not returning to his home where the murder happened, surrendering his passport, handing over all of his weapons, reporting to a police station twice a week and no alcohol. nbc was in the courtroom today. he joins us now. what's been the reaction now
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that the news settled in that oscar pistorius is out of jail for now? >> reporter: well, the reaction from his family has been a great deal of relief. they sat through this almost two-hour summary of the evidence before which the magistrate here in the courthouse delivered the verdict that bail had been granted to oscar pistorius. there was a scream of "yes" from some of his family and friends who sat inside the public gallery and then at that point they stood up. they linked hands and they said a silent prayer. stood right there in the middle of the public gallery. his defense team argued essentially that he is too famous to flee. there is always a commotion whenever he goes through airport security, for example. so it's very difficult for him to skip bail and leave south africa. however, the magistrate said he had concerns of the account of what happened on valentine's
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morning that oscar pistorius had given and said there were some questions raised and these are questions that might be dealt with in a trial and could happen and it could happen as soon as june this year. >> as i understand, he's reportedly taken to his uncle's home. is there security and you pointed out family's reaction. what about reeva steenkamp and her supporters and those that expressed doubt about his story? >> reporter: two of her friends were in the courthouse this morning and they sat motionless. they made no reaction as the verdict was delivered and as for oscar pistorius, he is at the home reportedly of his uncle this evening. he left here, the courthouse, around 2:00 or 3:00 hours ago. his uncle reportedly said he's having a bath this evening and full of remorse but is enjoying his freedom. as for his training, his career as an international athlete,
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that may resume as soon as next week. his coach told me he hopes to get him back on the track soon, perhaps as soon as next tuesday. >> thank you very much. now let's bring in nbc track and field analyst and four-time olympic medalist. thank you for joining us again. >> thank you. >> we heard our reporter refer to oscar pistorius's trainer saying he might get back on the the track. let's play two of the recent comments regarding that. let's play it. >> the sooner he can start with a bit of work, the better. now that he's got bail, will he get on to the track immediately? >> no, no, no. no, this is not what i say. it is just -- we'll start working on the plan now. >> do you expect him on the track? >> no, no. in a year's time, maybe. >> in a year's time maybe. what do you believe is the right approach or even one that's logical at this point?
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>> well, i'm not surprised to hear the coach say that. you know what? if he's granted bail, going to sit at home at his uncle's house and dodge the paparazzi? >> i think that people have to understand especially for an athlete, for anybody who runs, i don't know if you run, tamron, when you are at your most stressed sometimes a run is best thing for you. i'm not surprised to hear him say that. if i'm free on bail and within my fight rights probably on track is not the worst thing for him. >> it's a job, not a recreation and the endorsements. a lot of things are in the balance right now. this is how he's made millions of dollars. does he spend the time now maybe meeting with nike representatives or whomever his major sponsors are who in some cases pulled the ads to see whapwhat happens next? >> i don't think that makes much of a difference. nike already said, look, until we get a verdict in this trial, we are basically going to sit on
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the sidelines and watch with the rest of the world so he can certainly have some conversations about them. he may even send some gratitude their way in terms of thanks for giving me some support in the very difficult time and for the most part, oscar pistorius is surrounded by his family and those that believe in his innocence regardless of what he is doing on the track. >> you know he's a come ppetito and described as an adrenaline junkie and if the account is true, he accidentally took the life of this woman he was dating and fallen in love with. emotionally, how does this guy not fall apart? we are talking about a year perhaps before an actual trial will start. >> well, and this is -- this goes back to the point about the running. i think you put yourself around the people that you are most comfortable and in the position
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in which you are most comfortable. for him, that is going to be on a track. we already know that the magistrate said he's allowed nowhere near a firearm and one of the other things he likes to do is shoot guns. he cannot do that. the one outlet for stress is going to be on that track. >> we often hear people still talk to the media despite the attorneys telling them to stay silent. o.j. simpson's case, for example, you know, we saw him later write a book and called in to some stations during all of that drama. is it likely that oscar pistorius is the type of person to want to get out in front of this if it's possible and try to do some big media interview? >> there's a slight possibility. tamron, so far, what i have seen is that there's a lot of discipline on the defense side. and part of the reason why oscar pistorius is out free on bail is
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because while the prosecution has made the mistakes and kind of i think swung for the fences and missed, oscar pistorius is disciplined i think. even the case of him being very emotional, maybe the first two days you see that that in the last couple of days in court he's come to court more composed. i would not expect to see oscar pistorius do anything that his defense team says, oscar, you should not do. as a result, i would not expect to see him on twitter. he has a very popular twitter account. i would not expect to see him on twitter and doing any interviews because i don't think at this point that's going to -- doing more harm than good and the defense team will strublgt him not to do that. >> thank you yet again for joining us. thank you. >> no problem. >> right now, the massive storm that buried the midwest is on the way to new england. it will be the third weekend in a row the northeast dealing with a big winter storm. icy conditions of the system blamed for what you see here.
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this united airlines 737 slid off the runway while landing in cleveland. none of the passengers or crew injured. nearly 700 flights in the region canceled so far today and more than a foot of snow has fallen in some places. in fact, chicago saw one of the most significant one-day snow totals so far this season. according to the chicago tribune, that is, weather channel meteorologist kelly cass joins us. i lived in chicago for ten years and you never think -- i remember 27 inches early december. not this late in the game. >> that's right. pretty late to see the snowfall for chicago. snowless winter long and winter weather advisory for chicago just lifted but in the purple, that's winter weather advisories and a warning for several counties in eastern ohio and attention turning 0 the next storm which will be developing off the coast here in the northeast and already much of massachusetts, also southern new hampshire, up to the coast of
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maine under a winter storm watch and watching out for the probability of six inches or more and advisories over much of pennsylvania. currently we are seeing some snow from buffalo on down there the throughway to syracuse and mountains of pennsylvania. and still the snow is coming down across the great lakes region, as well. it will continue to pile up six inches or more in some locations and what will happen this weekend is an area of low pressure develops and thinking with this one, though, there's more warm air involved and for new york and philadelphia, mainly a rain event for you. boston, this could be a significant snow, especially north and west of the city. especially here in to southern new hampshire and parts of massachusetts. we are talking about at least half a foot of snowfall. boston, this is the third weekend in a row of dealing with not only snow but wind, as well. tomorrow night, really cranking especially inland areas albany, new york, to montpelier,
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vermont, and new hampshire looking at a lot of snow and that wind is blowing it and drifting it around and then as we head toward sunday we could see some rain mixing in for boston. and if that happens, that will hold down whatever accumulations we can expect to see. so for boston, right now, officially we are going 1 to 3 inches. that could change, of course, depending on the exact track of that low. but further inland, look at that. a swath of 6 to 12 inches. even in to portions of massachusetts where you're still digging out from nemo. remember, that wind is howling, it is cold right through early sunday morning, as well. for boston, a winter storm watch in effect. cloudy skies in the day. snow will be developing during the afternoon. temperatures will be in the upper 30s for an afternoon high. tomorrow night, seeing the rain start to mix in and that could hold down our overall accumulations. winds from about 10 to 15 miles per hour but then getting gusty as we head throughout the day on sunday. low temperatures dropping to about 35 degrees.
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just above the freezing mark. sunday, seeing a mix of rain and snow and 1 to 3 inches. you don't have to go too far to see the heavier accumulations and the winds quite strong on sunday anywhere from 20 to 30 miles per hour. so get ready. here comes another snow for boston. third weekend in a row, tamron. >> oh boy. all right. thank you very much. greatly appreciate it. just one week for lawmakers to strike a deal to avert those across the board spending cuts. president heads to virginia next week to keep up the pressure on republicans. up next, a look at where things stand right now. and a florida task force looking in to the state's stand your ground law after the trayvon martin shooting have made a decision on the law. we'll tell you what that panel is recommending. you can join our conversation on twitter. [ kitt ] you know what's impressive? a talking car.
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welcome back. with one week before the sequester hits, no signs of progress on a deal and no meetings set between the president and congressional republicans. the president met just a couple of hours ago with democratic governors who will hold meetings this weekend in washington with their republican counterparts. >> our message to our republican governors this weekend will be quite simple. speak up. stand up. or be part of the problem. ask your friends in the republican congress to do the sensible thing, to come with a balanced approach. do not pass, do let the sequester go in to effect. >> the president will meet with governors of both parties on
11:18 am
monday and on tuesday the president will highlight defense cuts that are coming in republican districts when he travels to newport news, virginia, shipyard. mcconnell's spokesperson is complaining marking the first time the president reached out to them about the automatic cuts. from house majority leader eric cantor, quote, president obama has said that unless he gets a second tax hike he will be forced to let criminals loose on the streets. the meat at your grocery store won't be inspected and emergency responders will be unable to do their jobs. these are false choices. let's bring in molly ball, national political reporter, democratic strategist kiss kofonis and jonathan karabel. chris, your response to cantor, that criminals will be on the loose, meat at your grocery store won't be inspected. i don't think it can get to the shelf if it's not inspected and
11:19 am
emergency responders won't be able to do their job and i assume if you called 911 someone may not be on the other end of the line to help you. >> well, i think congressman cantor and the republicans are playing a dangerous game of chicken. what they're basically counting on is sequester goes in to effect and the american people, the world does not end. there's truth to that. it doesn't all happen on one day. they will be felt over coming days and weeks and months but when you start to see federal employees furloughed and talking to their friends and family, you see longer lines at airports, you will see an impact on the defense department. you will see an impact on head start and other programs that matter to real people. that's when i think you see a very loud groundswell of anger at republicans who are unwilling to sit down and think about how do we prevent this? we're playing a dangerous political game. i'm not sure they care because i'm not sure how much further they can fall in the polls so
11:20 am
this is i think the game they have decided to play. >> molly, let's play -- we got in sound, the president with japan's prime minister. he took two questions on the sequester situation. let me play it. >> i will continue to have conversations with members of congress, both while they're gone and getting back next week. my hope is that we can see a different course taken by congress. this should be a no-brainer and let me just point out that the overall impact of the economy will be to slow down the recovery. >> what do we know about planned talks next week? >> not much. as you just were saying there's not been much in the way of talks so far and most of what the president has planned is what the republicans have been decrying as more of a campaign strategy than anything across the country and taking his case to the people about the potential effects of this sequester. he did make those calls to
11:21 am
boehner and mcconnell yesterday. it was seen as prefunctory and no real negotiations and i think part of the reason why the discussion is turning in to a blame game is that both sides have basically accepted that this is going to happen and now all that remains is trying to blame each other for it when it comes. >> zachary, you know wall street and all sides of this. we have not seen a great reaction of wall street. that was the looming cloud with the fiscal cliff. what would wall street do and jolt me believes of congress. does that help or hurt the president as he tries to explain to people, at least what he feels will happen and not a great situation for every day working folks. >> doesn't help anyone making apocalyptic predictions. how it affects real people, this is 1 out of every $175 of the
11:22 am
economy. .6% of the overall economy and hits toward defense workers, tsa as chris just mentioned, you know, as an effect, it's hard to get as agitated as you do about the debt ceiling and the federal government stops funding itself, that's a major part of the -- >> you say agitated v. you seen an angry person in a tsa line? it is not a pretty look. >> i'll be joined tweets to local representative. i think the reason why it's not having the affect that the debt ceiling had, that the two years ago, the whole august of 2011 had, is that people, one, have stopped believing the rhetoric of government. you say things fall apart one too many times, look, it hasn't and i'm not sure it will and from a purely financial perspective, it's not as damaging as eric cantor says they will be. >> molly, our first read team puts thit way. why the sequester probably will happen in the short term and the reasoning we have heard from
11:23 am
both democrats and republicans is that republicans need the sequester to go through to show -- in order to prove the base that it is fighting obama. is that what you're hearing, as well? this is all about showing once again they're willing to fight obama? >> that's a component of it. i think zachary's exactly right. you also didn't see the markets freak out over the fiscal cliff because we've sort of stopped believing the crying wolf of washington politicians and a sense of what -- if you look at the fiscal cliff eastbound if there were some deal being worked out which there isn't that boehner would have a hard time getting the votes for anything. barely got the votes for a sort of symbolic sequester replacement plan around the time of the fiscal cliff deal and so i think that especially having in their perception caved on the fiscal cliff and then having put off the debt ceiling, the republicans really feel like this is something they have to
11:24 am
stand their ground on. >> chris, karl rove superpac has an ad out of bom's mess. let me play it and get your reaction to this. >> a bad idea. are you willing to see a bunch of first responders lose their job. teachers laid off. air traffic controllers and airport security. this is hardship on a lot of people. scene zone yours. middle class families. scramble to find -- >> is this ad effective? you can take out the cut-out of the president and put in speaker boehner. he said he would like not to have the sequester come down. >> after that ad, i know why the group was so effective in the last election. >> that was an easy one. it's pretty janky but they're trying to say it's obama's mess and does it instead put the spotlight on the divide within the republican party? those things the president is
11:25 am
saying is exactly what speaker boehner has said. >> i think the problem is if you're trying to shift blame to the president right now given the president's level of popularity, the message of the white house is they want a balanced approach and given that the rhetoric of the republicans is basically we don't want a balanced approach, you won't win that debate with the american people and the pew poll shows 7 in 10 americans agree with the president's approach. where i think it's complicated is there's a degree of people crisis'd out. there's some truth to that. here's the consequence. that plays to the advantage a little bit of republicans but once people start seeing and feeling these impacts, and there's going to be impacts, that's when i think the republicans are in a very difficult position and when the people are screaming for a solution, not just more political attacks back and forth. >> two seconds. >> the irony is even though
11:26 am
we're saying it's working for president obama's popularity, this is the republican agenda. government is shrinking and contracting. so, you know, go figure object who's getting credit for that. >> appreciate it. have a great weekend. thank you. >> thank you. mitt romney is making the big return to cpac. but what's his overall goal? conservative radio host and romney critic steve dais put together a top ten list of why romney's chosen to speak at cpac. one of the reasons, steve says, that romney was confused and thought he was speaking to superpac. steve will join us with the unique list dedicated to governor romney. and ashley judd met with donors and lawmakers on the hill and now getting another boost for possible senate run. just one of the things we thought you should know.
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mitt romney's return to the political spotlight to speak at cpac next month caused a lot of buzz, especially among conservatives who want to know why. since word came down that there's been nothing from -- been nothing from romney about the goal and how it factors in to his next move. conservative radio talk show host steve dais not shy of criticized mitt romney lists reasons why the former candidate decided to quote break radio silence. steve joins us via skype. good to see you. >> you, as well. how have you been? >> great. seems like you're channelling david letterman. when's the inspiration? are you as baffled as other conservatives why mitt romney wants to return to cpac and the spotlight this way? >> yeah. and there's a lot of possible reasons for why romney would want to return. none of them are good. unless it includes an apology but that its would be another
11:31 am
romney flip flop because the last book is called "no apologies" and might be a romney flip flop we conservatives might welcome. there's no reason to bring him back. frankly, unless he's going to do a speech titled whatnot to do when running for president. maybe bob dole and george herbert walker bush have too much dignity to deliver. john mccain probably lost his voice this week and ford is dead so that leaves it to mitt romney. >> i want to get to four of the things on the top ten list. romney finally figured out it was time to talk about benghazi. fellow republicans kept the story alive as it should. you're hitting romney on this one. you can't let it go. >> no. my show airs at night around the country and we would do live mystery live theater on the presidential debates and sit here and watch questions of benghazi come up and romney
11:32 am
never addressed it. he punts every single time and if that's going to be the case then i guess, you know, for we conservatives, why should we want him to win more than he does? very frustrating. >> number three, jealous of the positive press karl rove is getting. i want to get to number two. you say romney wants to make the case why self-deporting amnesty is our sure-fire way of securing more of the hispanic vote. sounds like you're trying to get him to explain why the party is abandoned by the hispanic voters. >> it's my personal favorite. he always puts the best number two, as well. it's romney's attempt to take every side of every issue. back to the primary each year he attacked newt gingrich from the right on issues like amnesty and the self-deportation card and then right down the same audience in florida and the general election and then came out for amnesty and the president's amnesty plans so
11:33 am
that is mitt romney in a nutshell taking every side to every issue. if you ask mitt romney where he is on the issues, the answer is, yes. >> your number one reason you want to tell the audience? >> it's probably the closest he's going to get to the white house. and sadly, for we conservatives, if you want to know what a romney administration would have looked like, you're probably looking at it right now. >> very interesting list and surely we'll have you back on after mr. romney's delivers the speech next month. good to see you. thank you. >> good to see you, as well. coming up, an invest uncovers how loopholes can make it easy for convicted criminals to get their hands on guns. but first, there's a lot going on today and here's things we thought you should know. new support of actress ashley judd. the state's democratic governor said judd could be a, quote, very serious candidate to challenge senate minority leader in 2014.
11:34 am
politico reports judd is seen as a likely pick as feeting with officials of the democratic campaign committee earlier this week. a pro-gay marriage group says it will replace ads featuring laura bush after she asked for the image to be removed. they said they're sorry she asked to be taken out and said it used public comments american leaders have made on the issue and those are the things we just thought you should know. [ male announcer ] why is kellogg's crunchy nut so delicious?
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so despite the congressional recess, it was busy week in washington with the clock ticking down on the spending cuts, the imspending sequester dominating the political conversation but republicans hit the white house on immigration after "usa today" leaked an immigration bill drafted by the white house. >> leaks don't happen in washington by accident. does the president really want a result or does he want another
11:38 am
reason to beat up republicans? >> remember this was leaked. not something that the white house rolled out and also clear that it's incomplete. there are a lot of commonalities between the two plans, including a path to citizenship. >> these cuts are not smart, not fair. they will hurt our economy. they'll add hundreds of thousands of americans to the unemployment rolls. this is not an abstraction. people will lose their jobs. >> we in the house have passed on two occasions legislation to replace the across the board cuts in sequestration to frankly reasonable, better thought-out cuts. the president and the democrats in the senate have refused to do that. >> we have some automatic spending cuts coming up in nine days that will lay off hundreds of thousands of folks. this is the problem the congress can solve. we don't need the automatic, mindless spending cuts to hurt the economy, the military readiness. >> joining me now, nbc news senior political editor mark murray. we know all of that carries on in to the next week. what are you looking ahead to?
11:39 am
>> tamron, as you just saw, president obama took to the bully pulpit on the sequester to argue there should be a type of solution for congress to be able to avert these looming spending cuts. and i would assume that you're going to see this going forward. this seems to be the white house's game plan to put a human face to some of the toll that these cuts will end up taking. and stewart rotherberg, the political analyst, said that this is one of the reasons why president obama seems to have at least the rhetorical upper hand with a human face on this while congressional republicans haven't. >> but have we seen the congressional republicans react to that? the president started the week out with a first responders standing behind him. picking up as you mentioned virginia next week. has it at all moved the ball forward in the negotiations? >> it hasn't. i'm not sure we're going to see anything until late march, unfortunately. as you're mentioning earlier, it does seem right now the
11:40 am
republicans want to be able to fight president obama on something. and we might not see a resolution of these sequester cuts until after they've gone in to effect and to see where the political gauge is from there and then an overall political campaign. the republicans have been making these arguments as president obama's used the bully pulpit and that he was responsible, in fact, solely responsible for the sequester. >> rand paul, did he release i guess his own proposal a short time ago? >> he did. and a lot of it has to do with total slashing the federal workforce, lowering, freezing federal pay, things like that. that is a solution that he's put on the table. the one reality that that hasn't taken in to consideration is white house controlled by a democrat. president barack obama. it's in democratic hands in the u.s. senate and the house in republican hands and needs to be a compromise to be able to move things forward. >> thank you very much. have a great weekend. >> you, too. >> thanks a lot.
11:41 am
gun crimes taken on a higher profile since the shootings in newtown, connecticut, which reignited the heated debate. as michael isikoff reports, law enforcement officials say serious gaps in the country's gun laus make it hard for them to do their jobs. >> reporter: fbi agents seize add video of the neo-nazi conventi convention. >> reporter: while investigating the owner of an ohio sports goods show. there was an arsenal and what authorities say was a possible racist threat. >> the fbi averted a catastrophe in this case. >> reporter: the store owner, a convicted felon, charged with stockpiling 18 firearms illegally, including assault weapons, shotguns, high capacity magazines and more than 40,000 rounds of ammunition. >> they were all over the place. one in the coat pocket. >> reporter: he served 13 years for homicide in an ohio state
11:42 am
prison. under federal law, he was barred from owning any firearms. nbc news has learned that the fbi was also concerned that he may have been drawing up a hit list after notebooks showing the names and addresses of jewish and african-american leaders in detroit. agents briefed wendell anthony about the potential threat. >> appears to me like he is a one-man army. very alarming and disturbing and kind of made me angry. >> reporter: the fbi also warned scott kaufman, a jewish community leaders. >> names of tenants in our building, names of some of the people in leadership positions in the organization including mines. >> reporter: prosecutors are determined to find out where and how he got the guns and proving a difficult task because of what they say are giant loopholes in the nation's gun laws. one big issue, congress's prohibited a national computerized database of gun
11:43 am
sales so agents at tracing center in west virginia forced to use technology of 1940s pouring through boxes, waterlogged sales records and even microfiche. they believe he acquired the guns from private sellers or gun shows and background checks are not required. >> there's no documentation required for private transactions so whatever occurs in that zone is invisible to us. >> reporter: estimated 80% of those convicted of gun crimes get the weapons through private sales and more evidence of what prosecutors are say are alarming gaps in the nation's gun laws. nbc news, bowling green, ohio. coming up, italian newspaper out with a bombshell new report on the reason it says the pope really resigned. as of now, the vatican won't confirm or deny the report. we'll get the latest out of rome. ♪ alright, let's go.
11:44 am
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an italian newspaper is out with a bombshell report on what it says is the reason pope benedict resigned. the daily paper says an internal report uncovered an underground gay network at the vatican much more could come from the paper. the newspaper says this is just the first in a series of reports. nbc's claudio lavania is here for us. what more did they disclose in this report? >> reporter: well, tamron, it is certainly well respected here in italy. the first or second biggest newspaper here in italy and usually good sources. well, what this paper is saying is that in that report, 300-page report of the internal vatican inquiry in to the scandal was so
11:48 am
disturbing that pope benedict xvi decided to leave there and then and two months before the official abdication. it contained details about the inside of the vatican and lobbies that were -- it was power clashes of the lobbies that broke two, as a matter of fact, of the ten commandments. the first one, commandment number 6. thou shall not steal. that's a reference to the vatican bank accused of money laundering. well, also broke according to the report commandment number 7, thou shall not commit adultery. also though it's also who no
11:49 am
sexualise homosexuality. they said it had connections with the gay community outside of the vatican and there were blackmailed by the people outside the vatican that there were threatening them to reveal the identities. it looks like when the pope saw the documents he said, well, there's no way to fix this. the divisions are too deep and the only thing to do is resign and bring everybody down with me and start from scratch. tamron? >> the vatican will not confirm or deny. is that the final reaction on the report given it's supposed to be a series with more details in the near future? >> reporter: well, the vatican spokesperson yesterday said there was no comment on that. well, you will expect that. the vatican is a very secretive institution and won't rule on something that's not proved. the paper didn't put out the actual document.
11:50 am
he said that he read the document or somebody told them about the content of the document and they promised for more but certainly you may expect the vatican is going to deny it even more. >> claudio, thank you so much for the live report of rome. and the future of florida stand your ground law tops the look at stories around the "news nation" today. the shooting death of 17-year-old trayvon mart of george zimmerman sparked a review of the controversial law. a state task force released a 44-page report saying that the statute is a good law and should not be overturned. but the report recommends legislators review standards for neighborhood watch groups. a manhunt under way for the gunman that opened fire on another car and set off a fiery crash. a man killed was an aspired rapper. three people died and at least six more were injured after a drive-by shooting caused the
11:51 am
crash and explosion. and disgraced cyclist lance armstrong faces a lawsuit of the u.s. government. the department of justice today joined former teammate floyd landis in suing armstrong for using performance-enhancing drugs in the tour de france. the government said armstrong defrauded the government racing for the postal service team. and oscar weekend team is here and inspired the "gut check" this friday. how true should movies about real-life events be? we have a quote of former president carter on this. be sure to like "the news nation" on facebook. we might like you back. [ male announcer ] when was the last time something made your jaw drop? campbell's has 24 new soups that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪ from jammin' jerk chicken, to creamy gouda bisque. see what's new from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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11:54 am
time now for the "gut check" heading to oscar weekend. three of the best picture contenders were based on real events.
11:55 am
how accurate were the por trals? former president jimmy carter said he hopes "argo" wins but portions are not accurate. what responsibility do filmmaker vs to tell the truth? here's nbc's mike tiabbi. >> reporter: in the story of "argo" in the iran hostage crisis is a tense airport chase scene at the end that never happened. >> to make an exciting and entertaining film, you have to stretch the truth. >> reporter: artistic license, says one critic. >> you have to dramatize things a little bit. that's the way movie making is. >> reporter: but "zero dark thirty" about the killing of osama bin laden began with a torture scene the producers said never produced useful clues and in "lincoln" a key fact is wrong. connecticut's two congressmen did not vote against the 13th
11:56 am
amendment ending slavery. the current congressman wrote that placesing the state of connecticut on the wrong side of the fight over slavery is verifiable facts. agreed said turner classic movies host. >> i think if the movie is a movie about the passage of the 13th amendment or it's a movie about whether we're going to torture people in the united states of america, you bet. their feet should be held to the fire. >> reporter: oscar celebrated dozens of films based on true stories and imagined characters and dialogue and whole scenes. from "patton" to "a beautiful mind" to "the king's speech" there's historical dramas, not documentaries. that does worry historians. >> as a teacher i find what students know or think they know often comes from movies. you have to disabuse them and give them a broader context of
11:57 am
history than hollywood movies are capable of giving them. >> reporter: in the oscar spotlight three movies of significant historical events with an age-old question, why let the facts get in the way of a good story? so what does your gut tell you? does artistic license give filmmakers the right to change the events? my vote for best picture "argo." that does it for this edition of "news nation." i'm tamron hall. catch us every weekday 2:00 p.m. eastern here. please have a great weekend. we'll be back here for you monday. what do we do when something that's hard to paint, really wants to be painted? we break out new behr ultra with stain-blocker from the home depot... ...the best selling paint and primer in one that now eliminates stains. so it paints over stained surfaces, scuffed surfaces, just about any surface. what do you say we go where no paint has gone before,
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